Partial knee replacement in Burr Ridge

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Procedure Duration1.5–2 hrs
Inpatient1–2 nights in the hospital
Physical Therapy Begins the day of surgery and will last 2–3 months
Immediate full weight bearing on the knee
Therapy continues as outpatient after discharge home
Daily activity Activity as tolerated as pain decreases and function improves
Driving typically in 2–3 weeks
Overall recovery2–3 months
Return to workEach patient is different in this regard depending on type of work, age, and overall health.

The most common form of knee arthritis is one in which the inner or medial side of the knee wears out to bone on bone. In the past the only surgical treatment option for this was a total knee replacement, which sacrifices the remaining normal portions of the knee in the process. The Oxford Partial Knee replacement keeps the other compartments of the knee intact along with all of the ligaments, allowing for faster recovery, less pain, and overall better function.

Partial Knee Replacement Burr Ridge IL

Partial Knee Replacement is a minimally invasive surgery that replaces the medial side of the knee joint. Since 2004 the Oxford Partial Knee has been available in the U.S. as an alternative to total knee replacement. This device only replaces the worn out inside or medial compartment of the knee and leaves intact the normal lateral (outside) compartment and the compartment that is just behind the kneecap. It uses a mobile bearing that moves naturally with your knee as it flexes and bends through its normal range of motion.

Recovery Time

A partial knee replacement in the Chicago area with Dr. David Burt allows for a faster recovery, smaller incision, and improved function compared to a traditional total knee replacement. Time spent in the hospital is typically 1-2 days compared to 3-4 days for a total knee. Range of motion is regained much quicker and overall Oxford partial knee replacement recovery time is 1-2 months faster. Most patients are walking again in 3-4 weeks and only require 4-6 months of physical therapy.

The long-term research on the Oxford Knee shows that at 20 years after surgery 92% of patients will still have an intact partial replacement. This is as good or better than many total knee replacements. In the event that it does wear out over time it is much easier to convert a partial replacement into a total replacement that it is to re-do a total replacement.

Partial Knee Replacement Plainfield IL & Morris IL

Not all knees are candidates for partial replacement, but 25% to 30% of patients who previously only had total knee as an option can now opt for partial knee. This is a tremendous option for younger patients, but also for older patients who will do better with much less invasive surgery.

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If you suffer from knee arthritis, you should know that there are treatment options available outside of pain relief medication. Chicago area orthopaedic surgeons Dr. David Burt is proud to offer comprehensive knee replacement surgery to help their patients live a more active lifestyle. To learn more about this treatment, contact our Burr Ridge office at (630) 455-2000, our Plainfield office at 815-267-8825, or our Morris office at 815-941-1885.

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