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Wave goodbye to the DL after we help put the heat back into your throwing arm.

Don’t let a knee or shoulder injury separate you from the game. Using minimally invasive techniques, we’ll have you back on the field before kickoff.

Rise above the injury and the rim. Your bench time is over with advanced knee and ankle treatment.

Anxious to get back on the court and serve up some power? We will fix your shoulder so you can bring the thunder.

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Work Injury Surgeon in Naperville

Dr. David Burt is an independent orthopedic surgeon who does not work for the employer or for the insurance company. Instead, he provides advanced, unbiased care to workers compensation patients in Naperville and Joliet. When you are injured, Dr. Burt works for you and is dedicated to restoring your health and function, in order to ensure your safe return to work.

Dr. Burt’s practice is strongly focused on Shoulder and Knee injuries which are very common in the working population.

When you perform heavy manual labor you are in essence an “industrial athlete.” You face the same physical demands on a daily basis as the seasoned professional athlete. Therefore, when you are injured on the job, you deserve timely and appropriate care to get you back to work in a safe and effective manner.

Dr. Burt takes a one-on-one approach to your injury and applies the latest sports medicine and minimally invasive techniques to speed your recovery.

Direct communication with you is paramount, and he strives to keep you moving forward with this approach.

Common Worker’s Compensation Injuries:

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Dr. Burt understands that sustaining a work injury doesn’t just have an effect on your health, but also on your bottom line. He is committed to providing the latest, most advanced treatments to help you get back on your feet and back to work. He and his friendly, professional staff have worked with many workers’ comp patients, and can provide the care and support you need to make the entire process as easy as possible. If you have been injured on the job, schedule an appointment with Dr. Burt today by calling 815-267-8825.

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