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Shoulder Separation

  • Arthroscopic, Outpatient
  • Torn ligaments are repaired and the Clavicle and Shoulder blade are re-connected with either sutures or metal screw
Duration 1.5 hours
Anesthesia General
  • Sling for 4–6 weeks
  • Physical Therapy for 2–3 months
  • Return to work depends on type of work
  • Return to full sports generally 4–5 months.

shoulder separation treatment in Naperville at Midwest Sports medicine instituteMore about Shoulder Separation/ AC Joint Injury

At the top of the shoulder there is a connecting joint between the outer end of the Collar Bone and the upper portion of the Shoulder Blade. This small joint is called the Acromio-clavicular (AC) joint and is often injured in contact sports such as football or with a direct blow of any kind to this area.  This is commonly referred to as a shoulder separation. This is different than a shoulder dislocation in which the ball and socket become separated.

Injury may range from a sprain or bruise, to an actual separation of the Collar Bone from the Shoulder Blade. The majority of these injuries are treated without surgery. If the bones are severely separated, then surgical repair may be required to reposition the bones.

There are 6 Grades of AC Joint injury with Grades I-III typically treated without surgery. Grades IV through VI generally require surgery to repair the torn ligaments and reposition the Clavicle and the Shoulder Blade back to their normal anatomical position.  Earlier treatment gives the best prognosis for stable repair of the AC joint after injury.  Cases that are chronic (greater than 2-3 months old) have less ability for natural healing and require more extensive reconstructive procedures which are less successful in stabilizing the joint.
Shoulder separation 1

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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Burt has many years of experience treating patients who suffer from shoulder injuries, including shoulder dislocation and shoulder separation in Naperville. During an appointment, Dr. Burt evaluates the extent of the injury and makes recommendations for treatment. He also addresses any questions or concerns that the patient may have, regarding treatment and recovery time. If you have suffered a shoulder separation injury, schedule an appointment with Dr. Burt today by calling 815-267-8825. Dr. Burt is proud to provide advanced care to patients throughout Naperville, Joliet and Aurora.

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