Gel-One Injectable Gel Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

Gel-One Injections Burr Ridge, IL

Osteoarthritis of the knee is the most common type of arthritis in the knee joint. Gel-One Cross-linked Hyaluronate injectable gel is FDA-approved for treating the condition and the only one to offer a single-shot treatment. Our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. David Burt, offers Gel-One for patients struggling with pain caused by knee osteoarthritis.

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How Does Gel-One Cross-linked Hyaluronate Work? 

A healthy knee relies on articular and meniscal cartilage for smooth, pain-free motion. Osteoarthritis is called the “wear and tear” form of arthritis as it wears down cartilage over time, causing the slippery surface to roughen and fray and making movement painful as the uneven cartilage moves across the bones. In severe cases, cartilage is completely worn away, making bone rub against bone. Osteoarthritis can lead to disability and only worsens with time, but Gel-One Cross-linked Hyaluronate can minimize your symptoms and reduce your pain for up to six months. 

Osteoarthritis treatment Burr Ridge, IL

The Gel-One injectable contains hyaluronate (or hyaluronic acid). Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in your body, particularly in the synovial fluid surrounding your joints. The substance is like a lubricant, allowing your bones to glide smoothly over each other, and acts as a shock absorber when heavy pressure is placed on the joints. People who have osteoarthritis have lower concentrations of hyaluronic acid in their joints, and the Gel-One treatment works by adding hyaluronate to the affected knee joint to ease movement and pain. This method of treatment is called viscosupplementation. 

Gel-One Cross-linked Hyaluronate treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee offers unique benefits, including: 

  • It is the first of its kind to offer effective symptom relief with a low-volume (3mL) formula in a single injection. 
  • The cross-linked hyaluronate provides safe, effective results with no reports of pseudosepsis symptoms such as fever, low blood pressure (hypotension) or elevated white blood cell count (leukocytosis). 
  • Gel-One reduced knee pain caused by osteoarthritis for up to 26 weeks in clinical studies. Multiple treatment cycles showed continued pain reduction without increasing side effects. 
  • Clinical studies also showed a 40 percent pain reduction from the baseline measured at the time of treatment. 
  • In vitro testing (a test done with isolated tissues and cells in a glass container) showed that Gel-One provides shock absorption and cushioning in the osteoarthritic joint, demonstrating its viscoelastic properties. 

Gel-One is ideal for early intervention of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, and it’s the lowest single-shot option available for viscosupplementation. The injected hydrogel is a sterile, transparent and viscoelastic solution containing 1 percent hyaluronan per 3mL syringe. 

Your Gel-One treatment requires just one visit to Midwest Sports Medicine Institute for a simple, single injection that can significantly reduce your knee pain for six months. The low-volume treatment offers optimal safety and efficacy while ensuring a complete treatment. 

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Dr. Burt is a renowned, board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who understands how to diagnose and manage knee osteoarthritis. He has extensive training and experience in the field and will create a treatment plan to help improve your symptoms for early intervention. 

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